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11 Strategies for Digital Signage to Boost Sales

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by Sony T, Author at

Digital signage has numerous benefits and advantages. It’s not just a glance medium, and if played right, you can grab people’s attention with your next digital signage project, boost your sales, increase traffic and increase your brand awareness. Don’t know where to start? Well, these tips can help you get started in your next digital signage strategy.

How to Maximize the Potential of a Digital Sign

Here are a couple of foolproof digital signage strategies you can use for your next signage project to ensure you get the most out of it;

#1: Present Your Best Offer

Fifty-two percent of shoppers agree that they prefer buying impulsively at retail stores when there are good deals and offers rather than doing so at retail price. Well, who wouldn’t want to get more for less? If you have any special offers or a promotion that you believe your shoppers will go crazy over, digital signage is your chance to make it happen.

#2: Keep the Sign Fresh

A joke is only funny the first time. After that, it gets boring and a little annoying. The same goes for your digital signs. If you keep displaying the same content repeatedly, it loses its fascination, and stale content quickly becomes tedious. You need to update your content often to keep it diverse and exciting to new and existing customers. Plus, displaying recent, dynamic content can help you attract new clients. Additionally, the three exposure rule by Dr. Herbert Krugman can be a great strategy you can use to update your content for the most value.

#3: Show Your Special Products

It’s not just good deals people want to know about in your store. If you have any specific products that you’re sure will appeal to your audience and help address any problem they are facing, then you can display these too. Plus, you can show people how to use the product, the result to expect after using it, including the price and where to get the product. That can build your brand awareness and drive in more traffic and increase your ROI. Plus, you can use this strategy for any new product you have.

#4: Engage Customers in Shopping Lists

Statistics show that the average shopper can make more than three impulse purchases for each four out of ten stores they visit at a time. Plus, you will find that most shoppers don’t usually know what they want to buy until they are already at the store. So with this understanding, take the liberty of telling them exactly what you think they need and let them decide whether they agree with you. Plus, shopping lists offer more interaction with real-time results than any other advertisements in your digital display.

#5: Increase Anticipation and Brand Loyalty

Digital signs are more than just the content. The context matters as well. That includes how you display your content to the fonts, color, and the overall experience a customer gets by being in your retail store. You can showcase your business’s branding in between displaying other content. That way, their interactive experiences and your brand sticks into their memories, and with it, you are building strong customer loyalty. That can make waiting lines to the cashier seem shorter.

#6: Should You Use Video?

Yes, definitely. Videos, like many visual types of content such as graphics, are always engaging. But even more so in digital signage. If you want your customers to linger for long, and end up purchasing more from you, then you should try video content. For instance, restaurants use digital signage for more than just displaying the day’s menus. Most go ahead and offer TV shows or even games to keep visitors in their business premises longer and end up boosting their sales significantly.

#7: Reward the Customer

Loyal customers are your best bet in driving in more traffic. When a friend tells a friend about a particular store with a great customer experience, the other friend will want to try it. That’s the power of word of mouth, and one digital signage can flourish in. you can display rewards for loyal customers who bring a friend along the next time they visit your business. You can also reward them for signing up to your email list, among other things. Rewards can include free services, coupons, discounts, free events, among others.

#8: Be Sure Your Digital Sign ‘Speaks’ To Your Customer

There’s no point in displaying signs (digital or otherwise) that are not engaging or even speaking to the right audience. That is why audience research is vital. You need to know what your audience loves seeing and what kind of content is engaging to them. Plus, ensure that your digital signage content has your personality (or at least a human feel) in it to avoid making the whole thing sound like machines. That way, your digital signs will always hit the mark in customer engagement.

#9: Work With Brands

Sometimes coming up with content for various brands you are selling in your retail store can be tedious and ineffective. However, since brands know their products better than anyone else, you can use content they make for displays. That not only promotes the brands but also helps in boosting your sales.

#10: Leverage 3rd Party Data

If you are looking for quick ways to define your audiences, then 3rd party customer data is for you. You can buy data sets and use them in finding out what your target audience wants. For instance, the data can show what your audience has been searching for most for the past three months. You can use this information to create target ads for your digital signage. It’s informative and saves you time while boosting sales significantly.

#11: Make a Statement About Your Store

There’s no better way for you to market your store than with a good digital signage strategy. Plus, you can do it in such a way that it leaves a lasting impression on your customers. For instance, instead of displaying the same old text content over and over again in your waiting room or lobby, you can try showing popular TV shows or sports matches, or even games. But in between these displays, you can display your brand or store. Plus, add a human feel to it with photos of your employees. The possibility of your viewers visiting again is high at that point.

Bottom Line

Digital signage is a great way to boost your sales and one of the best marketing strategies, as all business owners will tell you. These tips can help you improve your displays and provide them with the potential of being more effective. Feel free to leverage these strategies to achieve that and much more in your digital signage content strategy.

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