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A change in consumer shopping habits

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Based on a recent article in Forbes regarding the CHANGE IN CONSUMER SHOPPING HABITS. Interesting Read!

“Consumers want in-person shopping to be as stress-free as possible”
While shopping behaviors moved heavily online during 2020, research from Square and Wakefield Research shows that consumers earnestly miss shopping in person. In 2021, they are eager to reconnect with the joy of the shopping experience, as long as they feel comfortable.

This means retailers must rethink store layouts to foster socially distant shopping. Ease customer anxiety and promote social distancing by reducing the number of displays on the floor to create a feeling of openness. Consider using creative merchandising tools like power walls that highlight products and guide consumer attention, without taking up much floor space.

To take some of the mental burden off consumers when navigating through stores, retailers can invest in signage to guide foot traffic and customer behavior. Store layouts that allow for one-way traffic flows and clearly marked paths from the entrance to exit are becoming more popular because they allow for a streamlined customer experience.”

Here is a link to the complete article.