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A giant cat appears in front of Shinjuku station!

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A powerful and super-beautiful 3D image that will grab the eyes of passers-by! The only 4K-equivalent large-scale street vision over 150m2 in Japan will be pre-aired from 7/1!

It is the only large-scale street vision in Japan with image quality equivalent to 4K in the 150m2 class. Utilizing the curved form, it is possible to broadcast 3D images that cannot be expressed by general flat signage. As a demonstration of 3D images, a giant 3D calico cat will appear between regular broadcasts. It strongly attracts the interest of peripheral users.

Its the Shape and Location that produces 3D effects

In recent years, 3D images using large-scale street vision have become a hot topic overseas. Since the 3D effect is limited with ordinary flat signage, the shape of the vision and the screen’s viewing angle are important for the 3D image to be effective. There are few large-scale media suitable for this in Japan, and there have been no cases that have become a hot topic. From the beginning of the design of Cross Shinjuku Vision, we have been conscious of the installation position and shape suitable for viewing from the east exit square of Shinjuku Station, and it is possible to promote and market using high-impact 3D images.

About The Giant Calico Cat

The 3D images that will be aired at the opening of the vision are based on the theme of “cats,” which is a popular content for men and women of all ages. This giant calico cat wakes up in the morning with the start of the vision and falls asleep at night with the end of the broadcast. During the day, it appears between regular broadcasts and you can even talk to passers-by!

This giant 3D cat created with the quality of a blockbuster movie will bring surprise, laughter, and healing to nearby users. The lower floor of Cross Shinjuku Vision is an event space, and it is in a good location right opposite the JR Shinjuku Station East Exit Station Square. We will continue to deliver unique visual expressions and provide effective promotion and marketing in collaboration with event spaces, plazas, and other visions.

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