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All in one LED Display: How Is It Redefining the Market

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A few years back when Narrow Pixel Pitch (NPP) direct view LED display entered the market, its installation and commissioning was considered a very complex task that only select professional System Integrator could handle it well. To many end users, the direct view LED wall technology appeared too complicated. The commonly used terms in the industry such as pixel pitch, cabinet size, service access (front or rear), custom size, mounting structure, controller or sending box, custom resolution, etc., was a language many customers struggled to grasp. It usually got intimidating and confusing.


Things started to gradually change when some manufacturers started debuting their packaged-up All in one LED solution. For instance, QSTECH and MAXHUB, brands under CVTE, currently offer fully integrated LED wall in sizes 110″ 120″ 138″ 150″ 165″ 180″ & 220″, truly a wide range of sizes to choose from. For further simplification, their native resolutions are in standard HD, FHD, UHD4K.

Within a short period, they are now poised as an alternate solution to large-format LCD displays, LCD video walls, or projectors as many control rooms, classrooms, corporate offices, and conference rooms are rapidly shifting to All-in-one LED Displays.

Suman Dhakal

Suman Dhakal

Regional Sales Director at QSTECH (LED Displays), a CVTE company

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