Signage Screens


AVT designed, installs, and maintains all digital signage solutions for Sportscene. Each solution is different & it depends on the shop design, purpose, & location of the display. Video walls range from standard video walls to more unique configurations & creative video walls.

Like every other facet of audiovisual technology—and our world, at large—the state of digital signage is radically different than it was a year ago. The steady growth of capabilities and evolution of trends that defined the category for the past decade have taken an abrupt turn as our ways of life shifted dramatically.

A few years back when Narrow Pixel Pitch (NPP) direct view LED display entered the market, its installation and commissioning was considered a very complex task that only select professional System Integrator could handle it well. To many end users, the direct view LED wall technology appeared too complicated. The commonly used terms in the industry such as pixel pitch, cabinet size, service access (front or rear), custom size, mounting structure, controller or sending box, custom resolution, etc., was a language many customers struggled to grasp. It usually got intimidating and confusing.

Audi City points the way in the future of premium car sales: This physical cyberstore presents Audi’s entire model range using virtual technology throughout, and offers top caliber personal advice and service. The showroom concept therefore blends digital innovation with the strengths of the physical dealership, and acts as the main innovation lab for digitally connected sales activities at Audi.