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DC Media Announces Raspberry Pi4B Media Player kits

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Johannesburg May 2021 – DC Media Digital Signage has released a new addition to their cloud-based suite of media players. A version, compiled for the Raspberry Pi 4B, designed to provide a solid-state media player with an aggressive price point without compromising player capability. The Raspberry Pi version of DC Media slides seamlessly into the already powerful DC Media Content Management System (CMS)and provides additional security with encrypted content storage.

DC Media Raspberry Pi Media Player

The Raspberry Pi is a small footprint, plug-and-play Linux device with DC Media pre-installed on a 32GB SD Card. It requires only 5 volts to run and can be boosted with an external USB Hard Drive for high content storage demands. The supremely capable device sports built-in wifi and Bluetooth. The new Pi4B has dual HDMI outputs as well as Audio Capability.

DC Media for Raspberry Pi is a true out of the box solution for any vertical market application, including those with a relatively hostile environment like street pole and outdoor LED screens. The solution is also ideal for those seeking a low cost “digital poster” system.

The DC Media Digital Signage System has been available for over 23years and has deployed solutions in over 40 countries with multiple operating systems supported, including Microsoft Windows, Android, Linux and SoC.



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