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ePaper Shelf Labels

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ePaper shelf labels and price tags are used as an alternative to paper price tags. Integrating with existing customer point-of-sale POS and ERP systems.

With an innovative architecture and a variety of e-paper shelf labels, we offer advantages in performance, coverage, cost and design flexibility.

Electronic Shelf Labels are a fully customisable e-paper display, highlighting prices, advertisements, and any other desired information. Our e-paper based displays can be found in a variety of public environments including retail stores, corporate buildings, healthcare and logistics. The digital transformation of commerce improves price agility and precision, store efficiency, and employee-shopper connectivity. Information is continuously monitored ensuring no product change will ever be missed again, adjust product prices to correlate with shopper trends throughout the day within minutes.

epaper-shelf-label-price-tagDigital Signage Arena’s solutions aim to dramatically impact how companies operate their businesses providing a superior platform that can improve profitability and enable new customer-facing applications, promotions and loyalty programs. Electronic Shelf Label product highlights include:

  • Integrates with existing POS systems
  • Integrates with DC Media digital signage CMS
  • Centralised administration of displays and tags with full visibility
  • Content flexibility allowing for future updates
  • Ensures accurate pricing and product information
  • Enables on-demand, real-time promotions
  • Improves margin and increases sales
  • Reduces labour costs and errors
  • Enhances customer loyalty and satisfaction

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