Outdoor LED


Since it was launched last month, the new Samsung SkyScreen in Dublin Airport’s T2 has proved to be a very popular choice for advertisers and is already 50% sold for the busy Christmas period, according to Ronan O’Donoghue, Head of Advertising & Commercial Partnerships, Dublin Airport.

Work continues apace at entertainment destination venue American Dream, as SNA Displays completes the installation of several key EMPIRE™ Exterior LED screens, with more to come. The vast development, which stretches out over three million square feet just off the New Jersey Turnpike, reopened in October 2020 and thrills its many visitors with numerous retail stores, entertainment venues, and attractions, not to mention a vast network of interior digital signage, also installed and managed by SNA Displays.

It is the only large-scale street vision in Japan with image quality equivalent to 4K in the 150m2 class. Utilizing the curved form, it is possible to broadcast 3D images that cannot be expressed by general flat signage. As a demonstration of 3D images, a giant 3D calico cat will appear between regular broadcasts. It strongly attracts the interest of peripheral users.

A few years back when Narrow Pixel Pitch (NPP) direct view LED display entered the market, its installation and commissioning was considered a very complex task that only select professional System Integrator could handle it well. To many end users, the direct view LED wall technology appeared too complicated. The commonly used terms in the industry such as pixel pitch, cabinet size, service access (front or rear), custom size, mounting structure, controller or sending box, custom resolution, etc., was a language many customers struggled to grasp. It usually got intimidating and confusing.