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The Advantages of a Facial Recognition Temperature Kiosk

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In these uncertain times, understanding your health status and that of others is critical. Temperature kiosks help to provide a safer environment for employees, visitors and guests, and because of this, are fast becoming a critical asset for many businesses in which personnel must work on site. Today we will discuss the value of these Facial Recognition Temperature Kiosk and the value they offer, during the COVID-19 pandemic, and beyond. 

With the impact of the new crown epidemic on the resumption of production in various industries, enterprises and institutions cannot avoid crowds gathering in public places after resuming work. In order to effectively prevent and control the epidemic, ensure public safety, and prevent the spread and spread of the potential new crown pneumonia epidemic, temperature checking and self-protection have become essential operations in life. Based on the use of AI technology by the company’s R&D personnel, Asianda has developed an intelligent face recognition thermometer with rapid human body temperature measurement, without contact, accurate temperature measurement, and comprehensive assistance to fight the epidemic.

With body temperature measurement kiosks, the human to human contact is eliminated completely by simply walking up to the device and getting temperature read via facial recognition.

YXD-F8E, The new system supports the Eu digital Covid certificate, green pass coding, and read the information, safe and fast. with Green pass, Temperature scanner with QR code. It is normally used in office buildings like visitor management through the QR code, the visitor will get a temporary pass. And the QR code pass records could transfer through the device and smart pass software background.

Asianda (Yaxunda), have focused on LCD commercial display since 2010. They have a product range of LCD video walls, outdoor digital signage, touch screen kiosks, payment kiosks, and digital window displays.

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