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The benefits of digital signage in retail spaces: Could digital signage help to boost your retail business?

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Many things have changed over the last year, from the way we work and live to the way we shop. But some things have stayed the same, and retailers are still faced with the age-old question: how do you get consumers interested in a product when the competition is so fierce?

The benefits of digital signage in retail spaces: Could digital signage help to boost your retail business?

Businesses are increasingly relying on online advertising to promote their brands. But as more businesses turn to online advertising, there’s more competition from every corner of the Internet. And with banner blindness, ad blockers and stringent data protection laws making it more difficult to get people’s attention online, brands need to think about other ways to stand out.

Enter amplified digital signage. While not an entirely new concept, many are only now realizing the benefits of digital-driven in-store advertising techniques. Gone are the days where large, outdoor posters reigned supreme, and TV was the only way to reach customers.

Although consumers are flocking back to stores after lockdowns, retailers need to realise that customer behaviour and expectations have changed, and if they fail to adapt, they stand the chance of closing their doors for good.

So, what can be done? Digital signage offers great opportunities for retailers to help boost brand awareness, drive traffic to stores and stay relevant in a time when innovation is key to survival.


Magnify customer experience with digital signage

Imagine signage that transforms to show a different product, and then another. We are drawn to clear, bright signage, especially when it is moving. Statistics show that eight out of 10 people have entered a store after a digital sign sparked their interest. And while we see this trend in retail more than any other sector, any businesses that want to beat the competition – regardless of industry – have a better chance of being noticed if they jump on this trend early.

Find ways to entertain your customers

Digital signage is a diverse advertising tool, but using it only in the traditional sense can have its pitfalls. Instead of forcing promotion after promotion on your customer, consider entertaining them instead.

Repurposing social media content is a great way to do this, and if you’ve already established your online presence, the job is as good as done. Entertaining content plays a major role in influencing and enticing shoppers, and when you position this type of content at a location you know will attract attention without distractions, it will work in your favour.

New technologies, such as transparent OLED displays that can display stunning visuals and also become see-through, will open even more opportunities to build exciting, memorable in-store moments that elevate the shopping experience.

While there are many companies that promote digital signage services, LG is known as one of the best. Its Transparent OLED display gives retailers unrivalled picture quality while illuminating spaces when the display becomes transparent, completely harmonising with its surroundings. It brings content to life, making it difficult for people to separate content from the real objects placed behind the screen.

Additionally, the display’s see-through view turns places where it is installed into open and interactive spaces. Using LG’s transparent OLED signage, you can even surprise viewers with AR effects in the dark. The content displayed seems life-like, adding another “wow” factor to the viewing experience.

The possibilities are endless. You could play TikTok reels or short-form videos on this display in front of your store. Once the customer gets a glimpse of your brand personality and is interested in what you’re selling, it’s time to follow up with more traditional advertising to complete the sale.

Digital signage is more than just an advertising tool, it’s a way to communicate with your customers. However, if you continue to punt products or promotional content over and over, you might bore your customers. The answer? Keep it light, keep it entertaining, and find ways to use digital signage to your advantage.

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