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Upcoming Webinars Look At Drive-Thru’s Evolution, And Digital Display In Chain Retail. This event is hosted by Dave Haynes of Sixteen Nine one of the longest and most informative industry blogs.

May 20, 2021 Hosted by Dave Haynes

A pair of upcoming webinars look at QSR technology and deploying big retail networks. The drive-thru one is run by the custom display firm GDS, and is Wed. May 26th. I am moderating/refereeing this one. It has a bunch of super-smart people on it so my job will be easy.

2020 will be forever known as the Year of the Drive-Thru and as brands and local restaurants navigate this new normal, using digital in the drive-thru is becoming a necessity – no longer a through coffee

In this era of digital drive-thru transformation and as we begin to explore how digital can help improve our service, we will discuss the facets of a successful implementation across various organizations.   From store operations and support to enterprise technology and marketing, we will look at how all of this comes together to deliver a guest-centric experience that will improve operations and ultimately, profitability.

Anyone responsible for restaurant design, in-store technology and operations, enterprise technology, data and analytics, digital customer experience, marketing and merchandising should attend this discussion.

Dave Haynes, well-known publisher and principal writer of the digital signage blog, Sixteen:Nine, will ask the panel to explore the challenges to digital drive-thru.  In addition, we will touch on the role that hardware, software and content have in this transformation.   Joining hardware manufacturers GDS and BrightSign, who will explore displays, media players, installation and the partner ecosystem, are Publicis Sapient, who provide leading-edge content management services and software (CMS) driving customer experience, and ARC Worldwide, who are the Fast Food! Take Out Food! Food To Go!leaders in creative assets to the largest companies in the world that provide opportunities for marketers to deliver a great guest experience. 

You will learn how the CMS and loyalty, together with artificial intelligence, is creating the new multi-channel experience for digital drive-thru.   Add in the best-of-breed digital display and media player solutions, and you will have a solution that is leading the digital transformation in the drive-thru.

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