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Vehicle registration kiosk opens in Hawaii

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I do like innovation, it says something for mankind’s endless strive to gain purchase on an unforgiving world that shows no quarter. And there can be no more unforgiving and hopeless portal to hell than the DMV. Regardless of which country you may find yourself in, a certain kind of morbid bureaucrat has heard the call and been drawn to the endless pursuit of doling out next counter misery to those of us that seek unhindered mobility.

I was quite happy to find the following article on Kiosk Marketplace. A ray of sunshine perhaps.

Residents of Pukalani, Hawaii can renew vehicle registrations at a self-service kiosk at the Foodland store while the DMV office is closed until late August, according to a khon2 report.

Vehicle registration kiosks are also available at the Maui County Service Center in Kahului, the Kalana O Maui Building in Wailuku and at Safeway stores.

Registration kiosk locations are available on the DMV website.


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