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Why Digital Signage Has Turned from Wish to Must for QSR Industry

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The quick-service restaurant (QSR) industry remains quite competitive, and digital signage technology is the best tool for keeping customers informed and satisfied. With screens in targeted positions, you get to attract diners, display promotions and offers and support hungry customers to make quick and informed decisions concerning their next meal.

Digital signage displays continue to make inroads in the modern marketing scene. They are becoming quite popular at order counters and are rapidly being used all around restaurants and outside, thanks to the increasing demand for curbside and drive-through services.

This technology is the go-to solution for many quick-service industries, especially those looking to gain a competitive edge. But, how much does digital signage cost? It is pretty affordable for businesses that want to make the most out of their marketing strategies. Likewise, it makes operations much more convenient and is one of the best ways to keep customers happy throughout. This technology is being applied in sync with a rapidly evolving industry that has brought increased business thanks to self-service and mobile ordering. With digital signage solutions, you get to drive your restaurant’s business strategy with multiple options. So, if you are not sure whether digital signage is the way to go, the following are some reasons why it is a must for the QSR industry:

Self-service digital kiosks

With touch screen digital signage, your kiosks will drive sales while ensuring smooth and effective restaurant operations. With the self-service digital kiosks, you gain a double advantage in displaying your menu items and working as an ordering system. The digital menus are what every customer craves from restaurants as they improve their ordering experience, reduce wait times, and eliminate long queues at the front counter. Likewise, when it is self-service, customers tend to spend more. With a digital ordering system, customers have more freedom and time to make selections from the menu.

When you have more dwelling time, you can also make recommendations and influence your target audience’s buying decisions. What is more, your self-service kiosk will allow you to switch on-screen content conveniently. You can switch between breakfast, lunch, and dinner without disrupting your operations.


StreetSide marketing

Marketing has changed over the years, and the QSR industry has not been left behind. Advertising has now moved to the edges of properties, replacing the old raised street signs we were accustomed to. In the past, everything was analog and hard to change. Luckily, digital signage fixes that problem. Quick service restaurants can leverage this technology to get motorists’ stomachs growling. Digital signage allows you to change messaging, promotions and calls to action by pressing a few buttons. Street-side marketing is one of the most effective strategies for attracting many customers and convincing people to make impulse buying decisions. It is among the best ways to drive sales.

digital menu boards

Digital menu boards

If you want to stand out among your competitors, your displays have a significant role to play. It is one of the best ways of attracting customers and influence their decision to purchase a particular meal. Digital signage solutions allow you to display your menu items in stunning and high-definition graphics. You get to boost the appeal of everything displayed by your restaurant, making it all look vibrant and appetizing while making it comfortable for your target audience to read through.

Remember, your customers will be looking for an easy-to-read menu. They don’t have to keep reading complex wordings that only waste their time. What’s more, digital displays act as an excellent visual aid for anyone ordering at the counter since they capture their attention immediately. When you show the right content, you can rest assured you will end up driving more sales.

Promotes efficient service delivery

For the QSR industry, delivery is everything. How you make your items available to your target audience will determine your sales levels at the end of the day. Luckily, digital signage has become a massive necessity for guiding customers to the proper stations or counters. It is an excellent way of streamlining your restaurants’ workflow since your customers will see where they can pick and pay for their orders.

Saves your time and money

If your restaurant is creating signage in print form, then a lot of labor must be employed, which is often costly. Even worse, it is time-consuming to print and update. Digital signage allows you to do a lot within a fraction of the time. You get to update your displays with just a few clicks. The flexibility will enable you to display whatever you want at any time without wasting time.

There is a lot you can do with restaurant digital signage. If you have a chain of restaurants, you can synchronize all your displays and get to change them simultaneously. You will not incur any additional costs that often come with other marketing strategies. Digital signage transforms customer and operator experience.



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